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Marina is dedicated to providing a wide variety of user-friendly and affordable aquarium products for all levels of fish keeping.

Marina’s vast product line has something for every fish hobbyist. Beginners will truly enjoy the convenience of our fish starter kits and more experienced hobbyists will appreciate the reliability and efficiency of Marina filters and heaters.

In addition, Marina’s wide variety of creative and colourful decorations – such as plants, ornaments and gravel – bring visual life to aquariums, while its maintenance and breeding accessories are practical, timesaving, and reliable.

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Marina iGlow Aquarium  

Marina iGlo Aquarium

Brings fluorescent colours to life in a fun and stylish viewing 360° experience. 

A fully equipped 10L aquarium kit with remote-controlled blue and white LED lighting. 

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Marina Kids Aquarium sets!

Marina have developed two brand new kids aquarium kits perfect as a child's first aquarium. The aquariums come in two different designs great for girls and boys, with magical themes which are guaranteed to entertain your children.

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Marina Vue aquarium sets

Marina Vue are the latest innovative aquarium sets from Marina. These aquariums have a seamless design which gives an unobstructed viewing pleasure of your aquarium.

Available in 3 sizes - 32, 60 & 80

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