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Marina Vista Aquariums
Fluval Vista Aquarium Kit - 32 L

Marina Vue Aquarium Kit - 32 L

Marina Vue Aquariums

The latest aquarium range from Marina!

Seamless design allows for unobstructed viewing pleasure of your aquarium.

Panorama corner

With its Panoramic design, easy-feeding door, energy-efficient Soft Start lighting and AquaClear filter, the Fluval Vista aquarium is the ideal choice for hobbyists looking for great aesthetics as well as simple maintenance.

Recommended for Freshwater only.

Available in sizes - 32, 60 & 87L

Soft Start LED

Energy-efficient SOFT START technology gently intensifies luminosity when turned on to mimic natural sunrise and avoid startling fish.

Brilliant 7500K DAYTIME lighting and deep blue NIGHTTIME settings will beautifully illuminate FISH, PLANTS AND DECOR.

Fluval Vista Features

Energy efficient - Day and night LED

Marina i series internal filter provides multi-Stage Filtration System Provides Optimal Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration

3 Filtration stages: AquaClear


Marina Vue


Marina Vue 32
Aquarium Kit - 32 L

Marina Vue 60
Aquarium Kit - 60 L

Marina Vue 87
Aquarium Kit - 87 L