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    Habitrail Living World  

    From cute, cuddly floppy eared rabbits and guinea pigs to fun loving and excitable hamsters and mice, small furry animals are often a child's first introduction to the joys of pet ownership. Our goal is to make that experience as pleasurable as possible for both pet and owner. Habitrail and Living World products are designed to be in tune with the needs of our furry friends, with housing, accessories and treats to allow them to thrive in their new home. Living World Green introduces a natural and stimulating environment for your pet along with its line of eco friendly accessories and nutritious foods and treats.Take a look at our products using the links below.

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    Habitrail OVO Suite

    Habitrail OVO Suite is a main habitat living space that provides an ideal home and play environment specifically designed for hamsters.

    See why Habitrail OVO is better for your hamster:

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    Zoo Zone Small Animal Homes

    Zoo Zone small animal homes provide a great view for you and your pet, with their clear plastic top and easy access wire hatch. Zoo Zones come in blue or pink in sizes suitable for guinea pigs,  small rabbits and ferrets.

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    Living World Teach 'N Treat toy

    The Teach ‘N Treat experience is stimulating and rewarding to both you and your small animal – it keeps your small pet’s mind active and alert, plus it’s an interactive tool that helps with bonding.

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