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Trusted for Excellence Around the World

We’ve gained the trust and confidence of loving pet owners all over the world because our standards for quality are high when it comes to making healthy and nutritious food and treats for all pets.
Many of our best-selling global brands are made at Hagen Industries’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Montreal. This is the place where we make HARI-approved Tropican and Tropimix bird formulations, Hagen Gourmet  and Living World Extrusion for small animals and Exo Terra Food and Supplements for reptiles. 
We start with R&D
All Hagen brand foods and treats are scientifically developed and undergo rigorous field-testing at the venerable Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI), which has been dedicated to the research and development of nutritionally advanced pet food for over 25 years.
Superior Ingredients
Hagen Industries overriding priority is to use locally-grown, Canadian ingredients, known for their high quality standards, to guarantee high levels of nutrition and freshness for the benefit of pet health and consumer satisfaction.

Carefully-Controlled Process
Our sprawling facility includes an enormous food-extrusion system that wends its way throughout the building on two floors.
The massive machinery includes many processing stations interconnected by conduits and conveyors that move specially-selected quality ingredients through a complex and carefully-controlled food-making procedure.
The mixing station has a combination of many silos and bins where grains, such as seeds and corn, are stored. The extrusion process consists of cooking the ingredients under pressure into a soft dough which then passes through dies to give various shapes and textures.  
Finished food is then slowly dried and packaged in air barrier bags to ensure freshness and long shelf life.