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Laguna CLEAR - FLO
Clear water guaranteed

Complete High Performance Pressurised
UV Pond Filter and Pump Kit

Now for ponds up to 1400L

For the ultimate combination in power and performance we have combined our industry leading Max-Flo solids handling pumps with the upgraded Pressure-Flo UV filters. This powerful partnership ensures sustained performance and stunning water clarity, backed by our 3 year guarantee.

What’s included?

Pressure-Flo Filter:

  • Three Stage Filtration System
  • Improved, more durable foams remove dirt and debris
  • Bio-Lava promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and removes ammonia
  • More efficient UVC bulbs kill algae and eliminate green water

Max-Flo Solids Handling Pump

  • Handles solids up to 8mm
  • One of the most powerful, energy efficient pumps you can buy
  • Ideal for use with filtration systems and for creating waterfalls

Laguna Clear-Flo Specifications


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