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Innovation. It’s how we think.


Today’s pet owners have an ever-increasing and demanding range of needs. They want functional, cost-efficient, and reliable products that blend in seamlessly with their busy lifestyles, homes or workplaces. They also need products that are safe, comfortable and healthy for their pets.

Above all, they demand innovative products that bring many tangible advantages and benefits. This is the nature of the pet industry.

Providing innovative products in a timely fashion has always been the key to Hagen’s success. Our dedication to innovation involves a great deal of foresight, research, planning and execution.

How do we anticipate and develop products that will fulfill tomorrow’s needs? We look, listen and learn, then we invent. This is the corporate mindset that drives us every day.

Bringing new and meaningful products to store shelves starts with our category managers working closely with our design teams to bring new ideas to life, creating and designing exciting new items based on extensive market and animal research, customer feedback, focus groups and market surveys.

In recent years, our innovative approach has produced products such as Fluval G, Catit Senses, Laguna Pond Vac, New Cycle Formula, Vision Bird Cages, and Habitrail OVO – all designed to fulfill the challenging needs of pet owners and their pets.  

We also dedicate extensive resources to the evolution of existing products to ensure that they continue to offer the latest product features and improved consumer benefits.

Hagen has remained a thriving family-owned business by continually fostering innovation.