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For over 30 years, Nutrafin has been dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of fish nutrition and water treatments. Our focus has always been to foster an environment that makes fish thrive.

Nutrafin’s long-standing commitment to scientific research and development in fish nutrition and water chemistry management is reflected in its wide range of trusted fish food and water treatments.

Nutrafin Max is a leader in quality nutrition for many fish species. Nutrafin water treatments – Aqua Plus, Cycle and Waste Control – create optimum conditions for the health and well-being of fish.

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Nutrafin Feeding Chart

Choosing the right food for your fish just got a little easier, thanks to NutraFin Max's Feeding Chart. The feeding chart will help you find the fish food that is best suited for maintaining fish health and optimising vibrant colours.

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Nutrafin: The Complete Care Range

This informative video provides an excellent overview of how to take care of aquarium fish properly using Nutrafin products, including AquaPlus, Cycle and Waste Control water treatments and Nutrafin Max fish food.

Water Conditioning Guide

Nutrafin Aquarium Water Conditioning Guide provides helpful information on choosing the right Nutrafin water treatments to help maintain optimum water quality for fish and plants to thrive.

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