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New Fluval Sea Marine Supplements - Essential Elements for Saltwater Aquariums


Earth's oceans are teeming with natural-occurring trace elements. They're present in seawater in very minute or trace amounts, in fact at a concentration of less than 1 part per billion. They originate from various sources, including mineral runoff from rocks or land erosion, volcanic activity, and deep sea hydrothermal vents.

There are two types of trace elements: major and minor. Calcium, magnesium and strontium are examples of major trace elements; iodine and iron are examples of minor ones. 

In nature, fish, corals and reefs absorb trace elements to help drive various metabolic and biological processes, such as photosynthesis, vitamin absorption, reproduction, and growth. Trace elements can directly influence the coloration and condition of various organisms.

Marine Aquariums need Chemical Supplementation
In the vast expanses of our oceans, the supply of trace elements are virtually unlimited. However, in a closed environment such as saltwater aquariums, the amounts of trace elements are depleted over time because they're involved in, and affected by, various biological and chemical processes. 

It's important, therefore, to supplement marine aquariums regularly with trace elements so that there are always sufficient amounts available to ensure the health and well-being of aquatic life in your tank.

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Supplementing Aquariums with Fluval Sea

Fluval Sea marine supplements consist of seven different treatments for major and minor trace elements: Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine, Strontium, 3-Ions, and Trace Elements. Each one raises and maintains proper levels of a specific trace element and supports the growth and condition of marine fish, corals, or invertebrates.

Key Advantages
All Fluval Sea supplements are highly pure and concentrated formulations, free of unwanted contaminates, and contain no gluconates, nitrates, or phosphates.