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Fluval High Performance LED Lighting

Fluval's new range of LED lighting has been developed to provide lighting solutions for every aquatic environment, ensuring the right amount and spectrum of light enters the tank to create a healthy thriving environment as it would in the wild.

The range caters for both Marine & Reef and Freshwater aquariums ensuring strong coral and plant growth thanks to the unique LED band widths and 120° light dispersion. Available as either an LED strip or LED Nano light with switchable day and night modes, your livestock will look fantastic at any time, day or night.

      Marine & Reef Aquarium                                                                                   Freshwater Aquarium

Aqualife & Plant Freshwater Performance LED Lighting

Introducing the new Fluval Aqualife & Plant Performance range of lighting solutions designed to provide all the essential lighting required to maintain a Freshwater aquarium. Proven to be reliable, durable and at the same time delivering higher light levels required by many planted aquarium owners, the Fluval Aqualife & Plant Performance LED lights help promote and support lush plant growth and offer balanced light for accurate viewing.

Available as either an extendable LED strip light or for smaller cubed shaped aquariums, a Nano lamp.

LED Strip Lights

The Aqualife & Plant Performance LED strip light incorporates 5 unique LED band widths, high CRI values for accurate colour rendition, perfectly balanced lighting, and 120-degree light dispersion for full area coverage and uniform lighting.

Available in three size combinations, each strip light contains a unique number of LED lights.



With a 5200K colour temperature, the Aqualife & Plant Performance LED strip light creates a healthy tank environment for optimum plant growth and colour rendition.

Fully adjustable, these lights are ideal to fit a number of different sized tanks and with versatile mounting options (available separately), they provide the perfect LED lighting solution.

Nano Aqualife & Plant Performance LED Lamp

Ideal for smaller aquariums, the Nano Aqualife & Plant Performance LED Lamp contains 84 LED lights and provides a colour temperature of 7800K, making it ideal for optimal photosynthetic activity, plant growth and viewing.

The unique compact model (only 14 cm x 15.5 cm in size) provides all the same benefits as our Fluval LED strip lights, to promote maximum lush plant growth. Complete with a powerful day and night illumination mode, the lamp perfectly simulates the natural conditions of freshwater environments.




A3970 Nano Freshwater Lamp
A3980 (61-85cm)

A3981 (91-115cm)
A3982 (122-145cm)


Marine & Reef Performance LED Lighting

High Performance Saltwater LED Lighting

The 6 unique LED band widths on the Marine & Reef Performance LED strip light are perfectly developed to support strong coral growth and condition. Boasting up to 692 individual LEDs including essential actinic blue wavelengths and containing high CRI values for accurate colour rendition, perfectly balanced lighting and 120-degree light dispersion for full area coverage and uniform lighting, this lighting technology will make your aquarium boast colour and vitality.

In addition to the outstanding multi-spectrum lighting capabilities, the strip lights contain superior structural engineering, day & night illumination modes and extendable mounting brackets for easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths. The strip lights can also be mounted in cabinets or suspended by using the special clips or suspension system (available separately).

The high performance LED Strip lights come in three sizes (60, 90 and 120cm).

Got a smaller Marine tank? We have the solution

The Nano Marine and Reef performance LED lamp is ideal for the smaller aquarium. The 156 LED light is available with mounting bracket to easily attach to most small aquariums. The unit can be easily adjusted to change the positioning of the lamp, making aquarium maintenance a breeze.


With a colour temperature of 25000K, the Nano Marine & Reef LED Lamp is ideal for the optimal photosynthetic requirements of coral, supporting strong growth and condition.

The unique compact model (only 14 cm x 15.5 cm in size) provides high CRI value for accurate colour rendition and perfectly balanced lighting.


A3971 Nano Marine Lamp
A3983 (61-85cm)

A3984 (91-115cm)
A3985 (122-145cm)

Rave reviews

"The strip lights are very attractive matte black with a stylised heat sink and the corals and plants lit up with them, had great colour and pop."

"Fluval SEA Reef Performance LED strip lighting with its equally low operating costs and cool running is the latest promising new development, using LED technology, which should be very appealing to the reef aquarist." Marine Research Consultants

"Even, uniform light distribution incorporating full spectral coverage and key reinforcement to provide a balanced combination for optimal coral photosynthetic activity appears to be better achieved with Fluval SEA strips." Marine Research Consultants

"Rocking four colours of LEDs including white, blue, purple and red, the Fluval SEA Nano LED is an attractive and low-cost efficient lighting solution for the more diminutive end of the reef aquarium spectrum."

"If the Fluval SEA Nano LED's actual combination of diodes and attractive housing aren't enough to get your attention, the unique swivelling base and mount is sure to do it."