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Design. It’s what we do.


A well-designed pet product means it must deliver a variety of benefits. It must be functional, easy to use, convenient, reliable, aesthetically provocative, and cost-efficient, among other things.

It’s a tall order that the Hagen product design teams fulfill every day.

Working closely with animal research teams, category managers, as well as with input from consumer research and feedback, Hagen product design teams gain valuable insight into the needs of pets and how they interact in the human environment. Based on all this information, they dedicate their extensive experience and resources – including state-of-the-art CAD software – to designing innovative products to keep pets happy and healthy.

Our design teams also take into consideration the varied discerning tastes of consumers, who want fashionable products that blend in well with home décor (such as aquariums) or keep up with lifestyle trends (such as water gardens). This sets Hagen apart from competitors and provides a unique selling point that brings added appeal to the company’s products.

Hagen designers have created remarkably innovative and successful products such as Habitrail hamster environments, Fluval EDGE aquariums, Vision bird cages, and the Catit water fountain to name just a few.  Each is highly relevant and meets the practical needs of today’s pets and their owners.

Hagen has remained a thriving family-owned business by continually emphasising design.