Catit Play Pirates Door Hanger with Catnip - Crab and Star

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The Catit Play Pirates line has everything a cat pirate needs to have an adventure: pouches of gold, funny parrots, wooden barrels, catnip bombs and even a cat cannon! Ahoy! Catnip treasure in sight! Keep your cat engaged and entertained with the Catit Play Pirates Door Hanging Toys with catnip.

Let your cat scratch and pounce to their heart's delight with these fun catnip door toys.Simply hang the toys onto a door handle and keep your cat entertained for hours as they try to capture their pray. Each toy is filled with enticing catip.

Key Features :

  • 2 catnip door toys to choose from: Crab/Star and Parrot/Star
  • Works on any door handle
  • Filled with catnip

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