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Catit has a Sense for Cat’s Play

Catit has a Sense for Cat’s Play

Cats are the epitome of laid back indifference. When we think of felines, we imagine them as curled up and snoozing away on the sofa. But there’s another side to them. They’re active, curious and playful creatures who instinctively react to movement and sensory stimulation.

Jumping off the Couch

Catit Senses has a pretty cool line of innovative products that encourage cats to jump off the couch and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Catit senses
Catit Design Senses massage center
Catit Design Senses scratch pad
Catit Design Senses
grass garden
Catit Design Senses feeding maze

Play Circuit

Catit Play Circuit offers an interactive experience of sight, sound and touch. It consists of an illuminated ball that zips around a closed track in roller-coaster fashion. Openings along the course allow cats to reach in and touch the ball.

50730 Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Scratch Pad

For cats seeking outlets for their hunting and marking instincts, Catit Scratch Pad offers an enticing scratching surface that can handle the aggression. You can also add catnip or treats in the pad to stimulate exercise and activity.

Feeding Maze

Catit Feeding Maze is sort of like a reality check for cats. It gives cats a taste of the real world by forcing them to exert mental and physical effort to get their food. They literally have to work for their food or treats, pawing at them through a maze until they eventually fall in a tray where they can be eaten.

It’s also a good way to regulate overeating, which can lead to obesity. There are also several levels of difficulty to challenge your cat's abilities.

Grass Garden

For a slight change of pace from working for their food or playing hard, Catit Grass Garden offers a unique experience that encourages cats to sniff around and forage for tasty grass.

The garden includes a combination of wheat and barley grass, which are natural sources of fibre that help digestion and prevent hairballs. Indoor cats can especially benefit from this product as it promotes physical activity.

Massage Center

Finally, Catit Massage Center, offers a pampering escape from the day’s activities. The massager includes several textures and surfaces that cats can rub against to enjoy the ultimate self-massage experience. You can add catnip for added attraction.

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