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New Fluval SEA - aquatic solutions for every enthusiast

Designed to effectively support salt water aquariums, Fluval SEA offers a range of aquatic solutions for every marine enthusiast.


The wide variety of products available from Fluval SEA includes:

  • Premium Marine Aquarium Sets
  • LED Lighting
  • Marine & Reef Salt 
  • Marine Supplements
  • Circulation Pumps
  • Protein Skimmer 
  • Aquarium Pumps 
  • Aquatic Epoxy Stick
  • Hydrometer      

Fluval SEA Premium Marine Aquarium Sets

The new Fluval Reef aquarium has been designed to enhance home or work environments, working in harmony with your decor. With a choice of three sizes, each with co-ordinating cabinets, the Fluval Reef collection has something for everyone.

Made for saltwater hobbyists, Fluval Reef Aquarium and Cabinet Sets provide all the key equipment to set up and maintain a successful marine environment.

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Fluval SEA Marine & Reef LED Light

The LED Strip lights from Fluval SEA provide a balanced combination of multiple LEDs for optimal photosynthetic activity, coral growth & viewing. The full spectrum LED lighting provides essential actinic blue spectral wavelengths that promote and support strong coral growth and colour.

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Nano Marine and Reef Performance LED Lamp

The Nano Marine and Reef performance LED lamp is ideal for the smaller aquarium. The 156 LED light is available with mounting bracket to easily attach to most small aquariums, with easy adjustability to change the positioning of the lamp, making aquarium maintenance a breeze.

If you're looking for a compact LED light with the same optimal performance as the LED Strip Light, the Nano light is the ideal choice.

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Fluval SEA Marine & Reef Salt

The Fluval SEA Marine Salt range provides the very best elements of the ocean in a top quality reef salt with no unwanted impurities to ensure that aquariums are benefitting from only the best grades of macro and micro elements.

Formulated in the correct proportions to ensure your fish and invertebrates are healthy, colourful and active, Fluval SEA Marine Salt has been carefully created with the ideal calcium and strontium levels and a perfect PH of 8.1.

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Praise for Fluval SEA Marine and Reef Salt

"Every week the RBTA got more and more tentacles back and grew in size. I also noticed improved colour in my corals (mostly softies and LPS).Now after 5 water changes, my RBTA has tripled in size and has the full bubble tips these anemones are known for! I have also noticed improved colour out of all my corals!" Homes Alive

“After several years of using (another leading brand), a replacement has finally been found! This salt is great for both the advanced and beginner hobbyist.” Homes Alive




Fluval SEA Marine Supplements

The new range of Marine supplements from Fluval SEA are designed with superior formulations containing no gluconates, nitrates or phosphates. The seven highly-concentrated and pure formulations will suit every environment, restoring the balance of elements that are regularly depleted in reef aquariums. The range consists of:

Trace Elements
3 Ions

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Praise for Fluval SEA Supplements

“Very nice to have the 3 most important additives for my nano reef in one bottle. I got a half faded Montipora frag at the LFS on sale, it seemed to start colouring up as soon as I started to dose with 3 ions.” Doctors Foster and Smith




Fluval SEA Circulation Pumps

Compact and innovative, Fluval SEA Circulation Pumps minimise tank intrusion, improve energy efficiency, and deliver a gentle, broad stream of ocean-like current. These efficient circulation pumps are easy to install in aquariums and are outstanding for creating indirect water currents to assist corals.

  • Adjustable flow - 270° directional flow
  • Timer compatible - safe to use with timer system (will not cause pump failure)
  • Exceptional hydraulic performance - lowest energy consumption / LPH
  • Aquarium mounting - unique suction system for versatile installation positions

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Fluval SEA Protein Skimmer

Fluval SEA’s Internal Protein Skimmer's relatively small size and ultra-silent performance removes an astoundingly large amount of undesirable organic compounds, creating what every marine aquarium desires-pure reef-like water conditions. The skimmer features an easy-to-clean design, adjustable skimming control mechanism, and a multi-venturi impeller.

  • Ultra silent performance
  • Easy maintainable decomposable design
  • Big skimmer organic removal capacity
  • Easy adjustable skimming control
  • Multi- venturi impeller
  • Turbine air injection system
  • Innovative rim collector suctions to glass for extra secure stability


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Fluval SEA Aquarium Pumps

Fluval SEA Sump Pumps deliver powerful flow rates at various head heights to ensure excellent water flow for sump-equipped marine systems. These high-quality, energy-efficient, magnetic-drive pumps can be plumbed in or out of a sump. Rugged and certified for marine use, these solid pumps feature advanced impeller technology.

  • Powerful flow rates and head delivery
  • Quiet running
  • Suitable for submersible / dry use
  • Longer pump life - impeller shaft and bearing are made from Alumina Ceramic which prevents calcium build-up, reducing maintenance frequencies

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Fluval SEA Aquatic Epoxy Stick

Ideal for attaching rock structures, corals and certain aquatic plants to decorative surfaces, the Fluval SEA Aquatic Epoxy Stick makes it easy to create that aquarium feel environment in a safe and non-toxic way.

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Fluval SEA Hydrometer

The Fluval SEA Hydrometer provides an accurate and convenient method of measuring specific gravity and salt levels in marine aquariums. Compact and easy to use, the hydrometer can be permanently installed inside the tank for continuous readings. Its slim, low-profile design camouflages well inside the tank and will not diminish the aesthetics of the aquarium.

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