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In January 2013, the Exo Terra Expedition team headed to New Caledonia, an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. This archipelago is the home of the well-known Crested Gecko, one of the most kept gecko species in captivity today. The goal was to study the natural history of the Crested Gecko and collect relevant data to gain better insight into how to successfully keep and breed these unique geckos. The Expedition team scouted the rainforest by daytime to locate the habitats of the Crested Gecko and returned at night to study their behavior in their natural environment. Wherever Crested Geckos were located, temperature and humidity loggers were placed, samples of soil/substrate was taken and we searched for ripe fruits and flowers that might be part of the Crested Gecko’s diet.


The terrarium is without doubt the most important aspect of successful reptile and amphibian keeping. Many species have different requirements, so a versatile and easy adaptable terrarium is essential. In order to meet the needs of herpetologists and more importantly the needs of New Caledonian geckos, Exo Terra developed the Crested Gecko Terrarium.


  • Full Glass Terrarium
  • Dual front doors for an escape-free access
  • Unique front window ventilation
  • Full metal screen for top ventilation
  • Includes all necessary decoration items
  • Natural Banyan Tree background
  • Multifunctional ornament with New Caledonian Kanak tribal art, built-in water and food dish
  • Bird’s Nest Fern decorative plants
  • Analog Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • Plantation Soil substrate
Crested Gecko  Terrarium Small PT3778
Crested Gecko
Terrarium Small
Crested Gecko Terrarium Large PT3779
Crested Gecko
Terrarium Large

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