Zoe - All-natural, Healthy Dog Treats

Dogs love treats. This is an indisputable fact. They'll do whatever it takes to snap one up: sit like a statue, give you their paw, roll over, even do a cartwheel if it were possible...whatever it takes. 

On the flip side, dog parents enjoy spoiling their beloved four-legged friends with tasty treats. Just watching your pooch react to the prospect of having a treat is worth the price of admission.

But increasingly, dog owners are becoming more conscientious about the kinds of treats they're giving their trusting pets. They're paying more attention to the fine print on the back of the packaging, carefully vetting ingredients for their nutritional values.

Discover Zoe's world! Watch the videos below to find out how you can make Zoe Lifestyle Treats a healthy part of your dog's daily diet.

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Who's Zoe? Episode 1:
Sundays with Miss Z
and Brady
Episode 2:
Miss Z and the
Zoe Effect
Episode 3:
Miss Z and Dinner
with Mom
Episode 4:
Miss Z and Brunch
with Friends

What Does the Fine Print Say?

Most treats are chock full of bad stuff like additives, preservatives, sugar, fat, and fillers. Some even contain propylene glycol, a multi-purpose chemical found in many products including deodorants and anti-freeze.

So treats are essentially junk. So what? After all, a treat is a treat. Regularly consuming junk treats won't do your dog any harm. Right? Think again. 

Would you give candy to a child after every meal or in between meals?

What You Should Know About Treats
It's important to consider treats as part of your pet's overall diet, especially if given daily. As with quality dog food, treats should, at best, provide health benefits and, at minimum, have very few or no ill effects. Basically, they should support your overall dietary approach, not work against it. 

There are several keys factors that should be considered when buying treats. They should contain little or no additives and preservatives, be low in sugar and fat, be easy to digest, and help keep teeth clean and healthy.

Delicious Treats: It's all Good
Zoe dog treats were developed with these key considerations in mind. Dog parents who want to give their precious pals something healthy and substantially better than the usual run-of-the-mill treats will appreciate Zoe. 

The high quality, all-natural treats are free of gluten, corn, wheat , soy, dyes and additives. They're easy to digest and ideal for dogs with wheat allergies.

One of Zoe's main ingredients is organic quinoa, which is a good source of dietary fiber, protein, phosphorus, essential amino acids, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. 

Made in the USA, Zoe treats contain APHIS-certified (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) ingredients and adhere to pet food safety standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).


 Treat Sticks

Treat Chews

Two Varieties Available
Zoe Dental Chews have a dense, chewy texture that promote extensive cleaning action. The minty, vanilla-flavoured chews contain green tea extract with natural polyphenols that help eliminate bad breath, as well as zinc that helps prevent plaque formation. 

Zoe Treat Sticks are cinnamon-flavoured, low-fat chewy treats that help clean teeth. They are completely digestible and are great as a daily snack.

Both dental chews and treat sticks are available in three specific functionalities, low calorie, puppy formula, and antioxidant.

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