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Repti-Home Vivariums - Great Quality at an Affordable Price


Repti-Home Vivariums


The Repti-Home range of vivariums from Vivexotic have been designed as a great value living space for your reptile. These incredibly versatile, well made vivariums also offer the added benefit of being able to be stacked together in multiple ways to make the best use of your space.

Now available in Standard and Maxi, Repti-Home vivariums are packed full of all the great features you would expect from a Vivexotic vivarium.

The Maxi range is also suitable for use on the Vivexotic Viva range of cabinets, creating a fantastic focal point in any home environment.


Repti-Home Standard

Make your Reptile feel right at home!


Stylish and versatile, the Repti-Home standard range of vivariums are the perfect living space for your reptile. Available in a choice of 3 different colours and 4 different sizes, Repti-Home standard becomes the perfect accompaniment to any home environment and fits beautifully with surrounding features.

Make your reptile feel right at home in a Vivexotic Repti-Home Standard!

Repti-Home Small Standard
PT4048: Small, Beech
PT4070: Small, Oak
PT4071: Small, Walnut
(W575 x D375 x H421mm)

Repti-Home Medium Standard
PT4050: Medium, Beech

PT4072: Medium, Oak
PT4073: Medium, Walnut
(W862.5 x D375 x H421mm)

Repti-Home Large Standard
PT4052: Large, Beech
PT4074: Large, Oak
PT4075: Large, Walnut
(W1150 x D375 x H421mm)

The Benefits

  • New sizes - introducing Repti-Home XL - our new 54" vivarium, giving your reptile more living space.

  • New colours - in addition to beech, the new walnut and oak colours will sit perfectly in any home environment.
  • Improved fixings - every Repti-Home vivarium comes complete with OneFix connectors - top quality, plastic connectors that combine the housing and the bolt in one single fitting - which means fewer fittings, quicker assembly and no corrosion!

  • Flat pack design - for easy assembly. We estimate that it should take 10-30 mins for most people to build a Vivexotic vivarium.

  • Outlet points have been formed in the edge of the back panel for cable management. Any size of plug or fitting can easily pass through prior to securing the lid.

  • Versatile, affordable and stackable vivariums, perfect for any reptile enthusiast

Repti-Home Maxi

Give your Reptile MAXImum room!

Repti-Home Maxi vivariums offer great value living space for your reptile. These quality constructed vivariums feature toughened glass and non peeling laminate to ensure not only will your reptile be happy and healthy in his new home but you can be sure of a high specification, long lasting vivarium that will sit effortlessly in any home environment.

Throughout the range, the depth has increased from the current 37.5cm to 49cm, which gives a 30% increase in floor space for your reptile to relax in.

Available in a choice of 3 colours, Repti-Home Maxi can also be stacked offering a versatile, streamlined solution to your pets' housing requirements and ensuring the best use of space.



Repti-Home Maxi Medium
PT4083: Maxi Medium, Beech
PT4084: Maxi Medium, Oak    
PT4085: Maxi Medium, Walnut  
(W862.5 x 490 x 561mm)

PT4040: Cabinet, Medium, Beech
PT4038: Cabinet, Medium, Oak
PT4039: Cabinet, Medium, Walnut

Repti-Home Maxi Large
PT4086: Maxi Large, Beech  
PT4087: Maxi Large, Oak     
PT4088: Maxi Large, Walnut 
(W1150 x 490 x 561mm)

PT4043: Cabinet, Large, Beech
PT4041: Cabinet, Large, Oak
PT4042: Cabinet, Large, Walnut

Repti-Home Maxi XLarge

PT4089: Maxi XL, Beech
PT4090: Maxi XL, Oak
PT4091: Maxi Xl, Walnut
(W1375 x D490 x H561mm)


PT4092: Cabinet, XL, Beech
PT4093: Cabinet, XL, Oak
PT4094: Cabinet, XL, Walnut

The Benefits

  • Taller and Deeper - the new Maxi range from Repti-Home are perfect to add to your vivarium collection, now 30% deeper and 33% taller than the Repti-Home Standard range for increased living space.
  • Larger rails - allows deeper substrate and less obtrusive lighting installation
  • Improved rail construction to ensure the rails are held firmly in place
  • FSC certified wood
  • Cable access holes for up to 3 cables each side
  • Secure toughened glass sliding doors
  • No exposed chipboard on vivarium floor - no mites or moisture can penetrate the wood
  • Ventilation slots in the rear panel ensure a steady flow of air
  • Non peeling laminate
  • Manufactured in the UK - you can be sure of a high quality, neatly constructed vivarium
  • Suitable for use on the Vivexotic Viva cabinets
  • Optional, adjustable, silver feet available separately in packs of 2 (PT3969)

Silver feet for base units are
available separately in packs of 2.


Repti-Home Small: 4 feet
Repti-Home Medium: 6 feet
Repti-Home Large: 6 Feet
Repti-Home XL: 8 feet
Repti-Home Maxi Medium: 6 Feet
Repti-Home Maxi Large: 6 Feet
Repti-Home Maxi XL: 8 feet


Vivexotic Repti-Home Small Vivarium Manual

Vivexotic Repti-Home Medium, Large & XL Vivarium Manual

Vivexotic Repti-Home Maxi Medium & Large Vivarium Manual

Vivexotic Repti-Home Maxi XL Vivarium Manual