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Quality. It’s how well we do it.


From the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing process and packaging, quality is Hagen’s ultimate goal. We strive to use the highest quality components in products and the finest ingredients in consumables.

It is a procedure in which Hagen research facilities play an integral role. Raw materials, components and finished goods are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the company’s high standards for durability and performance.

In the case of electrical goods, the Hagen Quality Assurance (QA) department ensures all products meet industry standards and certification requirements. With vendor partners worldwide, the company has strict regulations in place which must be adhered to by all. QA also ensures compliance with packaging and labeling requirements for consumer health and safety.

QA for all Hagen bird diets, treats and supplements is strictly controlled by The Hagen Avicultural Institute (HARI), where all formulas and diets are tested and perfected. A HARI-approved bird product means that it has been tested and meets the highest criteria of bird caring and husbandry.

Using highly sophisticated data acquisition and analytical equipment, Hagen biochemists at The Hagen Aquatic Research Station (HARS) conduct quality control testing of production batches and aquarium filtration systems, and develop new aquatic management products of the highest standard.

Hagen wire cages and glass aquariums are manufactured using the latest modern manufacturing and eco-friendly processes at Hagen Industries, Hagen owned factories and global manufacturing partners.

Hagen has remained a thriving family-owned business by continually demanding quality.