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Besides caring for the welfare of pets, we also care about our planet.

That's why we created Living World Green, which strives to provide the best for small animals while respecting our environment. Our healthy foods and snacks contain wholesome and natural ingredients, as if made by Mother Nature herself. Our non-food products are made of minimally processed raw materials.

Living World Green brings you and your pet closer to nature.

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Living World Green Habitat Living World Green CelluPlus Snacks Living World Green CelluPlus Salad

Eco Habitat

Create a dream home for your small pet with the Eco Habitat
See details.

CelluPlus Snacks

Looking for a healthy snack alternative for your small animal? Living World Green Snacks are quality treats with healthy benefits.
See details.

CelluPlus Salads

Add variety to your small pet's diet with these delicious and nutritious salads
See details.