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Le Salon Shampoos and Conditioners: Natural is beautiful

Consumer sentiment and buying trends indicated that the time was right to offer pet owners natural alternatives to harsh commercial shampoos and conditioners.

This was the genesis for Le Salon's line of shampoos and conditioners, which were designed to fulfill the growing consumer demand for natural shampoos and conditioners for dogs

Discovering Natural Solutions
Creating natural shampoos and conditioners for dogs and cats presented a unique set of development, packaging and marketing challenges. 

First, Le Salon formulators had to find natural replacements for the usual array of detergents employed by commercial brands. These detergents, called surfactants, are standard cleaning ingredients in most shampoos and conditioners. There are varying grades of surfactants, ranging from harsh to mild. Harsh ones, containing sulfates, can strip the fur of its natural oils.

The solution was to use milder, sulfate-free surfactants that are just as effective at cleaning animal fur, but do not irritate or damage skin. 

Another challenge was to find a natural replacement for artificial blue dye, which is used for highlighting white coats. The answer was to use a extract from the blue malva flower, which is equally effective.

Finally, it was critical to create formulations containing little or no foaming agents, which are synthetic chemicals used to create lather in most commercial shampoos.

In the shampoo business, consumers have been conditioned to believe that shampoos must feel lathery to be effective. Shampoo makers cram large quantities of foaming agents to create maximum lather. While lather helps sell shampoo, it does more harm than good, becasue it strips away natural coat oils.

In developing a new line of natural shampoos, it was critical to reduce the amount of foaming agents because they're essentially unnecessary, excessive and serve no practical purpose.

A Natural Line of Shampoos & Conditioners is Born
In the end, the development team created Le Salon, a line of sulfate- and dye-free shampoos and conditioners that does not contain unnecessary foaming agents or harsh skin-damaging chemicals. All products are biodegradable and contain only natural, plant-based ingredients. 

Moreover, each product is custom-formulated and features a key ingredient to meet a specific need. For instance, Le Salon Detox Shampoo contains rosemary, which is an effective odour neutraliser.

Packaging Convenience
Washing a dog or cat can be quite a hands-on experience. This is why it was imperative to package the new line in a convenient delivery system that enabled consumers to handle and dispense the shampoo or conditioner using only one hand. The solution: standup tubes. 

Changing consumer preconceptions
In rolling out the new line of Le Salon shampoos and conditioners, a key challenge was to educate consumers about the merits of sulfate- and foam-free shampoos.

The message to consumers is that when it comes to lather: less is more. Excess foam means waste. There should be just enough lather to lubricate the fur and help your fingers massage the shampoo into the fur at just the right penetration point. Low-foam shampoos also rinse cleaner and faster, which is really important for pets who do not like bathing.

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