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Introducing the ALL NEW Fluval Spec!

Continuing to set the pace in modern fishkeeping, Fluval has introduced a new stylish aquarium designed with drop dead looks and fantastic features!

10L Black 10515
10L White 10517

19L Black 10516
19L White 10518

Small Size, Big Impact

Still relatively small in size, the new compact aquarium occupies a smaller footprint compared to larger ones, making it an attractive showpiece in a variety of locations, such as tabletops, countertops, desks and other places where space is limited.

As always, Spec aquariums are not as complex as more sophisticated aquarium systems and make the fishkeeping experience very accessible to a wider audience.

Easy Setup and Maintenance
Besides its appeal as spacesavers, the diminutive tank is pretty straightforward when it comes to setting up and maintaining. It comes with a powerful, low maintenance circulating pump and an efficient filter (cleaning media included) to keep water healthy and sparkling.

In addition, the new aquarium includes multiple, energy-saving LED lights that create the perfect conditions for growing aquatic plants and has a blue night time setting to create a subtle moonlight glow.