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Fluval Fresh and Reef Aquarium

Fluval Fresh and Reef Aquariums

Fluval’s stunning array of new aquariums are designed for maximum eye appeal as well as fishkeeping convenience.

Available for freshwater and reef environments, the aquarium sets come in three different sizes to fit a variety of spaces.

Every unit is elegantly designed and features a glass aquarium with frosted rim framing and a high-quality laminated wood cabinet with two-tone doors. The cabinets provide an enclosed area for neatly concealing all equipment.

Fluval Fresh Aquariums

Freshwater models have sleek and adjustable LED lighting (with day and night settings) mounted above the tank that effectively highlights the aquatic scenery below as well as stimulates the growth of live plants. The top of the tank also has a shield to prevent fish from leaping out of the water.

Each aquarium also comes with an appropriately-sized Fluval Canister Filter, which provides outstanding multi-stage filtration that keeps water clean and healthy for fish and plants to thrive in.

Available in three different sizes:

  • 58L
  • 85L
  • 129L

Unique EasyConnect system

Fluval Fresh aquariums feature the new and innovative "EasyConnect" system, which allows the direct connection of the tank to the external filter through the bottom glass by means of special fittings. Normally, the same type of connection is achieved through specially-made devices, which are complex and require the intervention of expert technicians. On the contrary, in a few minutes the EasyConnect system can be easily and safely installed, giving your aquarium the most professional and clean solution.

These integrated filtration fittings deliver ultra quiet performance; consistent water quality; no external hosing; reduced electrical wire clutter and more.

Reef Aquariums

Made for saltwater hobbyists, Fluval Reef Aquarium and Cabinet Sets provide all the key equipment to set up and maintain a successful marine environment.

Each aquarium includes Fluval Sea Marine & Reef Performance LED Lighting, which emits essential actinic blue wavelengths for full-spectrum coverage, as well as balanced spectral reinforcement for optimal coral ph

Each unit has an integrated compartment that houses a filter with Fluval Sea Protein Skimmer and Fluval Sea Circulation Pump, both combining to provide healthy water circulation and outstanding filtration so that aquarium water stays healthy and clean for fish and live plants to flourish. otosynthetic activity, growth and viewing.

Available in three different sizes:

  • 53L
  • 91L
  • 135L


On the M40 Reef aquarium the drain valve is situated to rear of the filter compartment, allowing the aquarium to be used without the cabinet for use on desktops etc.





Unique, integrated water change system

A unique integrated drainage assembly in rear filter compartment is connected through to the valve inside the cabinet allowing you to change up to 20% of aquarium volume without the water level in the main tank dropping. This means your corals will never be stressed by exposing them to air. The discreet drainage system allows for a clean neat approach to water changes.



Fresh Aquariums

Fluval Fresh F-35 Premium
Aquarium Set 58L

Fluval Fresh F-60 Premium
Aquarium Set 85L

Fluval Fresh F-90 Premium
Aquarium Set 129L

Reef Aquariums




Fluval Reef M-40 Premium
Aquarium Set 53L
Fluval Reef M-60 Premium
Aquarium Set 91L
Fluval Reef M-90 Premium
Aquarium Set 135L





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