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Exo Terra Tiki Reptile

The Exo Terra Tiki Terrarium is the base of your Tiki themed reptile habitat. The background is a Polynesian tribal totem featuring the Exo Terra orange gecko as in the legendary logo!

Exo Terra Tiki Waterfall
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Tiki Waterfalls

The Exo Terra Tiki Waterfalls are unique ornaments in Hawaiian/Polynesian Tiki Style. The tribal character makes any terrarium into a Tiki terrarium. These Waterfalls are used by reptiles and amphibians to hydrate. The cascading water stimulates the natural drinking behaviour of lizards (like: chameleons, anoles, water dragons, etc…)

Exo Terra Tiki Totems
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Tiki Totems

The Exo Terra Tiki Totems are the ideal ornaments to add to your Hawaiian set-up! These ornaments are a hide, a water and feeding dish in one.

Exo Terra Pineapple Hide

Pineapple Hide

Exo Terra’s Pineapple Hide adds colour and enhances you Tiki themed terrarium! It is a secure hiding place for small reptiles and amphibians. The top also holds the Exo Terra Crested or Day Gecko food cups.

Coconut Water Dish

Coconut Water DishThe Exo Terra's Coconut Hide with Water Dish provides hydration and security for your reptile. The water dish is easy to clean and the non-porous and smooth surface will not absorb harmful bacteria.
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Tiki Water Dish

 Exo Terra Tiki Water Dish The Tiki Water Dish fits perfectly in a Hawaiian Tiki themed terrarium. The easy to clean, non-porous surface does not absorb harmful bacteria.PT3162

Exo Terra Tiki

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